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Emily Hodson


Emily Hodson

LEAD WINEMAKER: Winemaker Emily Hodson, daughter of winery co-founders Andrew and Patricia, has been the winemaker at Veritas for over 15 harvests and continues to author the beginning chapters of a young and vibrant wine region. Her philosophy is simple - she strives to give each varietal natural, balanced expression by focusing on attention to detail and cultural practices. Her old-world principles of viticulture and vinification are met with her innovative take on winemaking using state of the art technology and principles to capture the true essence and character of each varietal.

Emily moved to Virginia in 1999 with the intention of taking a year off of school to help her parents and sister Chloe transition as they moved from Florida to Virginia. While starting a vineyard in Virginia seemed like a far-flung idea to Emily to start, she quickly fell in love with the beauty of the industry and the area and decided to stay and pursue a career in the wine industry. Emily and Andrew, her father and the co-founder of Veritas Vineyard & Winery, worked alongside each other as a team in the inception of Veritas, and Andrew held down the fort when she went to Virginia Tech to get her Masters degree in oenology (fermentation science). Now fifteen vintages in, Emily has become head winemaker and proud mother of two beautiful girls, Lydia and Charlotte, who have grown up on the farm and watched the winery and the vineyard grow.

Emily is one of the few winemakers who cut her teeth in the Virginia wine industry. She feels strongly that with select varietals and true Virginia-grown fruit our industry will be unstoppable. Her philosophy involves trying to achieve natural, balanced expression of the fruit by focusing on attention to detail and cultural practices. But most of all, she just tries to stay out of the way as she allows the wine to show off the beauty of where the grapes were grown.

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